Project Summary

Microfluidic channel made of multilayered hydrogels
Microfluidic channel made of multilayered hydrogels

This project aims to artificially reconstruct the perivascular niche using microfluidic and 3D bioprinting technologies. These platforms are being applied to the study of a range of perivascular niches that support stem cells through all of our tissues, including neural, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular tissues. Through the introduction of primary and artificially aged human cell types, we are able to explore the reciprocal impacts of blood circulatory factors on the function of the vascular, parenchymal and stem cell components in the ageing perivascular niche. These new types of 3D biodevice will ultimately serve as high-throughput screening platform for novel therapeutics.

engineering, perivascular cells, hydrogel

Project members

Lead Investigator

Dr Mohammad Mahfuz Chowdhury

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Cooper-White Group/ UQ StemCARE

Researchers Involved

Professor Ernst J. Wolvetang

Senior Group Leader
Wolvetang Group
UQ-StemCARE Director