A nanoarchitectured platform for early diagnosis and monitoring of ovarian cancer

January 2024January 2028

Ovarian cancer (OC), a leading cause of cancer-related death in women, demands early and accurate diagnosis for improved outcomes. Exosomes, especially exosomal biomarkers like proteins and miRNAs, are promising candidates for early OC detection. However, existing techniques involve complex processes and specialized laboratories, hindering routine clinical use. To overcome these challenges, this project aims to develop a portable and automated diagnostic device. This device, utilizing novel mesoporous nanostructures, will automatically isolate, purify, and simultaneously detect exosomes and exosomal biomarkers for early OC diagnosis and treatment monitoring. The engineered nanostructures will enhance efficiency, enabling diagnosis in primary healthcare settings. This project promises a robust, cost-effective, and impactful automated device for OC detection and treatment monitoring, offering significant health and economic benefits for patients.

Project members

Dr Mostafa Kamal Masud

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Yamauchi Group