Preclinical Development of a vaccine for HTLV-1

January 2019December 2026

Project summary

Human T-lymphotropic virus type-1 (HTLV-1) is a cause of T-cell leukemia/lymphoma as well as severe autoimmune disorders. An estimated 5-10 million individuals are infected globally, with Indigenous populations in central Australia most highly affected. Using the second-generation molecular Clamp platform, we seek to develop a candidate HTLV-1 glycoprotein vaccine using the Molecular Clamp and utilise this antigen to discover neutralising monoclonal antibodies as potential therapeutic agents.


Chimeric molecules and uses thereof

Key publications

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Project members

Professor Keith Chappell

Group Leader
Chappell Group

Dr Jake O’Donnell

Research Fellow
Chappell Group

Dr Noushin Jaberolansar

Research Fellow
Chappell group