AIBN is changing the future of health for the better

At AIBN we’re solving some of society’s most serious problems in the health space with a focus on precision nano-medicine and infectious diseases.

We are at the forefront of precision nano-medicine for personalised care.

Our research in this area is revolutionising the way we understand, diagnose and treat disease by designing technologies that interact with human cells and pathogens at the nanoscale. 

Our researchers are developing easy-to-use diagnostics, VR imaging tools and nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery that can detect and treat serious diseases like cancer and autoimmune diseases much earlier than currently possible

These diagnostics also determine how effective certain treatments will be in individual patients – helping oncologists to implement far more workable, personalised treatments for each patient, much earlier.

At a time when safety from infectious diseases is paramount, we’re proud of our track record in rapidly designing innovative solutions to biosecurity threats like COVID and Hendra viruses using vaccines and biologics.

We are here to help solve serious health problems so we welcome partnerships with industry, government and philanthropic organisations.

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 What is precision nanomedicine? 

Precision nano-medicine moves away from a “one size fits all” approach to medical research and solutions.

Why? Because each of us have different genes and lifestyles and live in different environments – these differences greatly impact the way diseases develop and how well they respond to treatment in different people.

Precision nano-medicine allows us to look at things differently –  at the nanoscale – which is 70,000 times smaller than a human hair. This helps us to quickly and accurately detect disease, develop highly targeted treatments, and advance the way those treatments are delivered and how long they endure.

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Case studies

We work closely with industry to translate this cutting-edge science into practical and game-changing solutions.

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) are conducting experiments with an antimicrobial surface coating designed to fight the spread of bacteria and viruses, developed in partnership between AIBN and Boeing.
Our researchers have developed an innovative and potentially life-saving diagnostic device – the Immuno-storm chip – that identifies which cancer and COVID-19 patients are at risk of a potentially lethal ‘cytokine storm’.

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