Creating a pipeline from diagnosis to drug design, testing, to patient

Precision Nanomedicine at AIBN

AIBN is revolutionising the way the world understands, diagnoses and treats disease by designing nanotechnologies to pioneer personalised medical breakthroughs. 

Precision nanomedicine moves away from a one size fits all approach to focus on how diseases develop differently and respond to treatment depending on genes, lifestyle
or environment.

We examine individual molecules, manufacture proteins and use the study of bioinformatics to develop treatments getting them from the lab bench to the clinic more quickly than ever.


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Precision nanomedicine case studies

From neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to cancers, infectious diseases, and rare genetic conditions, AIBN researchers are using organoids to transform our approach to addressing the world’s most serious health problems.
AIBN researchers are revolutionising the way we understand, diagnose and treat disease by creating nanotechnologies that can detect and manufacture molecules on a single wafer thin chip.
AIBN researchers are using venom from two of the world’s deadliest snakes to save lives by stopping uncontrolled bleeding.

Latest precision nanomedicine news

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Precision Nanomedicine Research Leaders

AIBN's researchers are examining individual molecules, manufacturing proteins and using the study of bioinformatics to develop treatments, getting them from the lab bench to the clinic more quickly than ever.