Project summary

Zinc-plated steel is widely used in buildings, households, and vehicles, but its long-term performance is limited due to corrosion resulting from exposure to high humidity or alkaline conditions. Currently, available chromium coatings are toxic, while polymeric coatings lack durability.

This project aims to use nanotechnology to develop highly effective, multifunctional anti-corrosive coatings in which long-term protection is achieved by controlling the wettability and self-healing properties.

The applicant needs to have expertise in developing and characterizing inorganic nanomaterials, especially porous silica nanoparticles. Expertise in corrosion testing is highly desirable.



Project members

Dr Nasim Amiralian

Group Leader and Advance Queensland Research Fellow
Amiralian Group

Dr Yusuf Valentino Kaneti

Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellow
Yamauchi Group