Amiralian Group

Bio-Inspired Materials: AgriWaste to EcoGain Innovations

The Amiralian Group, led by Group Leader Dr Nasim Amiralian, is interested in using materials observed in nature and applying them in multidisciplinary areas of engineering and science to develop versatile and reliable approaches towards new type of products with desirable properties.  

Our mission is to repurpose and transform agricultural waste into a commercial and sustainable product to tackle the global plastic issue. We partner with industry, First Nations people, community, and farmers to address these challenges collaboratively and transform agricultural waste into diversified, environmentally, and financially valuable resources, aiming to boost Australia’s GDP. Our team has developed innovative methods in engineering biomass for the development of novel sustainable products including food packaging, dual functional antimicrobial and antifouling surface coatings, the production of conventional materials with enhanced performance (including medical devices like condoms and gloves, biodegradable face masks and wound scaffolds). We also lead innovation in developing anti-corrosion nanocoatings and heterogeneous catalysis. 


Research Areas

  • Smart cellulose nanomaterials
  • Advanced materials 
  • Sustainability
  • Valorising agricultural waste
  • Solving plastic waste issue
  • Circular economy

Research Approach

We perform world-leading innovative research in transforming cellulose and lignin from biomass into tailored, functional materials that meet industry needs. Our mission extends beyond research and into commercialisation. We are dedicated to fostering partnerships across industry, academia, and government, utilising waste as a valuable resource for advancements in the environment, food and health sectors. Some examples of our work are our recent breakthrough in converting sugarcane waste into biodegradable packaging, and the development of dual functional antimicrobial and antifouling materials, significantly reducing reliance on traditional plastics and oil-based reagents. These innovations show our approach: turning challenges into opportunities for a sustainable future.


Since 2019

  • ARC Linkage Projects (2022) Converting Biomass into Value-Added Catalysts for Water Electrolysis
  • ARC Linkage Projects (2022) Nanoarchitectured anti-corrosion coatings for zinc-plated steel
  • Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowships (2020) Nanofibers with antiviral activity: potential applications for improving personal protective equipment safety
  • AMP Tomorrow Fund (2020) Development of sustainable food packaging from sugarcane waste


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