How we work with industry

The AIBN’s Innovation and Commercial Development (I&CD) team focuses on the intellectual property (IP) management and commercialisation of the Institute’s research and development activities, as well as fostering industry-led collaborations and contract research.

The AIBN has a strong commercial focus. To support and rapidly build the Institute’s commercialisation activity, AIBN has a strategic relationship with UniQuest Pty Limited providing access to commercialisation expertise, processes and resources. UniQuest is recognised as an Australian leader in research commercialisation and is the main commercialisation company of The University of Queensland.

I&CD Strategy

The commercial objectives of the Institute are to produce innovations assisting in the growth of industries; develop new products, processes and technologies; and play a major role in developing the Australian nanotechnology and biotechnology industries. These objectives will be met through a dual commercialisation strategy.

The ‘inside-out’ strategy provides for the development of AIBN’s IP through market-led R&D, funded from public and private sources as appropriate and commercialised via a license agreement or forming a start-up company to further develop the technology into a product.

In contrast, the ‘outside-in’ strategy aims to capitalise on AIBN’s capabilities, infrastructure and intellectual capital by working closely for or with industry.

I&CD engages with key figures in the bioengineering and nanotechnology industries, to determine their various needs, which often results in commercial discussions leading to consultancy and collaborative research arrangements, contract research and license agreements.

The AIBN is an IP-rich environment with innovative technologies, cutting edge capabilities, acknowledged research leaders and a culture of collaboration.

The Institute's first research and IP census of AIBN Group Leaders was conducted in 2005 with regular updates occurring since then.
Translating cutting-edge research into commercial outcomes and societal benefits is core to the AIBN mission.