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Advanced biomanufacturing at the AIBN

At the AIBN, we are world renowned in synthetic biology which is the process of developing new materials, fuels, foods, chemicals and medicines from biological materials, or creating them from waste using biological processes.

By changing production practices from those dependent on fossil fuels to biomanufacturing, we are changing the game for our planet.

We map the processes of biology at the nanoscale, in the gene, genome and protein level of organisms so we can harness cells to create and manufacture new sustainable solutions.


Advanced biomanufacturing case studies

As the biggest supplier of mRNA vaccines and therapies for research in Australia, the AIBN’s BASE facility is well positioned to lead the world in mRNA translation for biotechnology firms.
AIBN research is driving crucial progress in vaccine science, with our technology key to advancing a reengineered COVID-19 vaccine to clinical trials, and central to manufacturing the antibody materials for the world’s first human Hendra virus therapeutic clinical trial.
Researchers at the AIBN are using synthetic biology to help the world’s biggest industries transition to net zero in a cutting-edge, Australian-first facility called the Biosustainability Hub.

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