Smart materials for next generation energy storage and technology

Nanoengineered materials at the AIBN

Working at the nexus of physics, chemistry and engineering, the AIBN is creating smart materials for the next generation of energy storage and production.

Through our unique interface of bioengineering and nanotechnology we develop specific solutions to improve existing energy generation technologies, at scale, and develop entirely new ones.

By working at the nanoscale, our research teams are also building environmentally responsive nanoparticles for therapeutics and to treat infectious diseases like COVID-19 or influenza.


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Nanoengineered materials case studies

AIBN researchers are working with international colleagues to advance the design and synthesis of nanomaterials critical to the next generation of renewable energy, environmental, and
biomedical technologies.
AIBN researchers have created world leading ‘quantum dot’ technology for electricity conversion to deliver significant upgrades on traditional solar cell technology, changing the game for a range of consumer and energy applications.
AIBN researchers are developing new, cost effective technologies to remediate and protect even the most remote sites and waterways that have been contaminated by the family of ‘forever chemicals’ known as perfluorinated compounds (PFAS).

Latest nanoengineered materials news

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