Women in Science at AIBN

Female researchers are essential and valued contributors to the AIBN. We recognise that as women you may face unique challenges as you develop your research career, and we aim to provide a number of initiatives to support you in developing and achieving a fulfilling research career at the institute.

Gender Equity Commission

AIBN has established a Gender Equity and Diversity Commission (GEDC), who are aiming to develop initiatives to address the gender imbalance and make AIBN a leading institute for supporting women in science. The GEDC is implementing three initiatives to help support women at the institute.

  • Construction of a dedicated work space with an attached children's play area

  • Development of financial initiatives to support women in science

  • Commitment that 50% of all new senior academic leadership roles will be female

Our Female Leaders

There are a number of funding opportunities which are targeted at female researchers. 

UQ Parental Leave Entitlements

With 12 months or more continuous service, eligible female primary caregivers will be entitled to:

  • Six months paid parental leave, which can be taken as part pay over a period of up to 12 months;
  • Five days paid pre-natal leave to attend appointments directly related to the pregnancy;
  • Two weeks paid partner leave, for non-primary caregivers to access leave after the birth; and
  • Additional 12 months unpaid parental leave following the initial period of parental leave.

With less than 12 months continuous service, eligible female primary caregivers will be entitled to:

  • Six months unpaid parental leave;
  • Five days paid pre-natal leave to attend appointments directly related to the pregnancy; and
  • Two weeks unpaid partner leave, for non-primary caregivers to access leave after the birth.

Paid Parental Leave or Adoption Leave may be shared between staff members who are partners and both work at UQ where:

  • Both staff members have 12 months continuous service at the date of commencement of Parental and/or Adoption Leave; and
  • The primary caregiver responsibilities are shared.


You will also be entitled to a special needs parking permit that allows you to access car parks located closer to the AIBN. These permits are available during pregnancy, for carers of breastfeeding babies and for carers with young children (parents with prams bays).

Parental Leave Policy  Parking Permits

You are entitled to access up to 10 “Keeping in Touch” days during the first year of Parental Leave, and an additional 10 days during a subsequent period of Additional Unpaid Parental Leave. Keeping in touch days are intended to support you to remain connected with AIBN without losing your entitlement to parental leave, and thereby help to ease your transition back to work. The Keeping in Touch days are voluntary and must be agreed between you and your supervisor. Accessing these days does not extend any period of parental leave however staff on unpaid parental leave will be entitled to remuneration for these days.

Learn more about Keeping in Touch days

You may be eligible to access government paid parental leave.

Learn more about government paid parental leave


The AIBN aims to promote and achieve a family friendly work environment. As Supervisors you play a key role in creating and supporting this endeavour. We acknowledge that there are many practical challenges faced by both staff and supervisors in achieving this, and AIBN aims to provide a framework of information and initiatives to support us all in achieving this goal.

As a supervisor it is important that you are supportive of staff taking parental leave, and where possible accommodate a flexible or gradual return work, and that you recognise the potential impact this absence may have on a staff member’s career. It is understandable that in this highly competitive funding environment that we operate, you will also have concerns about the impact this absence will have on your own research group.

As a first step, it is recommended that you have a discussion with the staff member to consider possible arrangements in the lead up to, during and following the parental leave period. It is important to set mutually agreeable expectations. This discussion will create a  foundation in being able to effectively manage the parental leave period.

Learn more about the role supervisors play

AIBN Parental Leave Funding Support

To assist you in progressing your career, the AIBN will provide financial support tailored to the needs of primary caregivers. These funds can be utilised to cover carer costs to enable you to write research grants, to hire support staff to progress your research during your absence or to fund a carer to travel with you to attend a conference. In the first instance, please discuss with AIBN Human Resources.

AIBN and UQ Parental Support Services

UQ and AIBN have a range of service to assist during pregnancy and early parenthood. AIBN is committed to making achieving a work life balance easier parents in science.

Your Suggestions

AIBN is comitted to supporting the career growth of female researchers. We are always open to suggestions for new initiatives and ways that AIBN can improve the support provided. 

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