Centre for Materials Space-Tectonics (CeMaSTec)

The major aim of this centre is to establish a new research area in Australia by proposing a new conceptual paradigm “materials space-tectonics” which involve the creation of novel nanoporous functional materials with precisely controlled internal nanospace, morphology and composition with the assistance of “materials and process informatics (MI and PI)”. The highly experienced team with demonstrated capacity will be involved to discover and design new porous functional materials combined with nanomaterials informatics for providing a more sophisticated approach for tuning the structural parameters of nanoporous smart materials for various applications.

This centre will bring renowned scientists, academics, government stakeholders and established industry links into one umbrella and also develop an active approach to translate laboratory discoveries to commercial products. The innovative nanoporous materials developed in this centre will have potential applications in many environment, health and energy-related technologies. Furthermore, this centre will draw together Early Career Researchers (ECRs) and PhDs to collaborate with internationally renowned researchers from multidisciplinary backgrounds to enhance both national and international collaborative research efforts and train the next generation of materials scientists, thereby building Australia’s research capacity and pioneering a new scientific paradigm in the field of materials science and engineering.

Research Themes

Theme I Frontier Nanomaterials

By tuning the nanospace architectures and pore morphologies, the desired crystal planes and a large number of active sites are expected to be exposed inside the pores.

Theme II Nanohybridization

Subsequent hybridization/integration by chemical approaches will play a key role for designing the next generation of 0D, 1D, and 2D nanomaterials.

Theme III Nanomaterials Informatics

The process for discovery of new materials involves: (i) conceptual ideas (by Themes I & II), and (ii) exploratory experiments based on a trial-and-error approach. We will utilise MI to accelerate Themes I & II.

Theme IV Industry Application

We will seek to scale up the synthesis and device/systematization of novel nanoporous materials for practical applications. This will involve several leading industry partners, building on my previous successful collaborations.

Available Research projects

Available projects for Honours and Masters course programs are available at the link below

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